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    • Reorganizing and Decommissioning of Spent Radioactive Sources

      Shucheng can provide technical services such as disassembly, packaging and reorganization of radioactive source equipment. For each radioactive source decommissioning project, shucheng qualified staff will be well prepared. Through investigation of working environment, equipment location, installation method and detailed information of radioactive sources, the technical personnel will formulate comprehensive and reasonable equipment decommissioning plan, emergency plan, monitoring plan and other necessary measures. According to the principle of optimization, we will take protective and safety measures in line with relevant national regulations. All decommissioning work can be conducted after finished the procedure of clean-up registration, application and filing according to government regulations.

      Combined with rich experience in radioactive material operation and professional technical knowledge, technical personnel research and analyze the characteristics of equipment to design and produce operating platforms and special tools for different radioactive sources to improve operational efficiency and ensure project successful implementation.

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