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  • Report of Shucheng Employees Conducting Business Etiquette Training2019-09-12

    Business activities are becoming more global, and business etiquette is playing an increasingly important role. In order to enhance the professional image of the company and enhance the quality of employees, Shucheng organized business etiquette training on September 7, 2019. All employees of Shucheng participated in this training. The instructor was Mr. Zhao Hongjian.

    Mr. Zhao is the chief trainer of China Etiquette Network, a special lecturer at the Tsinghua University-Energy and Planning Training Center, a lecturer at the head office of Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, and a special consultant and trainer for many domestic companies. Mr. Zhao has extensive experience in business etiquette training, and has record a series of workplace etiquette" video for a Chinese famous TV program.

    During the training, Mr. Zhao shared his own experiences, displayed vivid pictures, to introduce meaning, features, principles, taboos and other theoretical knowledge of business etiquette and comprehensively explain dressing, behavior, communication etiquette, dining etiquette and other common sense in business environment. Through this training, the company's employees have basically mastered the skills of how to improve business cultivation and personal charm in different workplaces and business activities. In order to achieve better training efficiency and results, Mr. Zhao conducted live interaction and demonstrated an active atmosphere. This form of teaching did not only arouse the enthusiasm of trainees, but also deepened everyone's knowledge of business etiquette.

    Business etiquette has become a crucial part in modern business activities. Etiquette reflects a person's basic qualities, and business etiquette represents a basic respect for our cooperative partners. By participating in business etiquette training, employees continuously improve their personal cultural literacy, learn how to communicate with people, and at the same time contribute to the company's image building. In business exchange activities at home and abroad, it is not only displays a good corporate image, but also reflects the image of a state of ceremonies.

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