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    [Spent Radiation Source Reconditioning] Project of dismantling, packaging, preparing and storage of the gamma knife treatment machine at Beijing Wanjie Hospital.

    Entrusted by Beijing Wanjie Hospital of China Railway 16th Bureau Group Co., LTD, Shucheng is responsible for removing, packaging, reconditioning and sending and storing up more than 200 pieces of Co-60 radioactive sources contained in gamma knife treatment machine. According to relevant regulations of the government, after shielding and reconditioning these radioactive sources,shucheng shipped them to Beijing's radioactive waste storage.

    Without the reference of domestic or overseas similar cases, the scientific research personnel of Shucheng studied and analyzed craft of the equipment and independently designed and manufactured composite shield operating platform and specialized manipulators based on their professional technical know-how and rich experience. Technical personnel are responsible to install this platform and manipulators, which providing strong technical equipment support for the disassembly of more than 200 pieces of Co-60 radioactive sources contained in the gamma knife treatment machine.

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