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    [Reference Device]Cs-137γ Ray Irradiation Device and Positioning System Device

    On November 19, 2015, Shucheng was entrusted by NIM to design and manufacture the Cs-137γ-ray irradiation device and positioning system. The device can build a reference radiation field, which can be used to the repeat of the standard dose of Cs-137γ, radiative protection monitoring instrument, personnel dose instrument and other instrument calibration and research. The device consists of a Cs-137γ-ray irradiation device, a rail positioning system, a laser ranging and positioning device, an integrated control cabinet, a remote monitoring system, a safety interlock system, and an infrared anti-intrusion alarm system. The Cs-137 γ-ray irradiation device is composed of a Cs-137 sealed γ source (1000Ci) and a scattering cavity, a shield, a shutter, a diaphragm, and a base. It uses an automatic source control and safety interlock system, with a pneumatic shutter and an automatic power-off protection switch device to ensure the safety and reliability of radioactive source operation.

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