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    Shucheng has formulated a comprehensive development plan for employees. While promoting the achievement of enterprise strategic goals, employees can also achieve their own career development. Shucheng also builds a win-win situation between the company and workers


    Shucheng creates a sound working atmosphere and offers excellent welfare. Besides the basic welfare regulated by government, employees also enjoy subsidies of sick leave, maternity leave, and bereavement leave, as well as paid vacation. Shucheng has a canteen and gym that can offer employees a healthy life. Every year, Shucheng also organizes group activity to enhance the cohesion and tacit of employees through a variety of activities and improve the team's ability to tackle problems in a effective way.

    Security Exercise

    Shucheng regularly organizes training on transporting dangerous goods and emergency exercise for firefighting and radiation accidents every year to improve employees' practical ability and emergency capacity in actual scenarios. Through such exercise, workers could improve their safety awareness and develop a better understanding about the operating process of emergencies such as source capsule damage and the leakage of radioactive materials, and strengthen coordination in the process of emergencies.

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